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Balancing the power of machine learning and privacy

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The potential applications of machine learning for earlier disease detection was one of the first things that drew my interest to machine learning more broadly. In high school my dad found out he had kidney…

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Overview of the space & predictions for where it’s headed

“Video games now write the first draft of history…For the past 30 years, the common wisdom has been that games are a land unto themselves. What happens there is only applicable to games…

You’ve probably heard people like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg debating whether AI is a bigger threat than nuclear weapons, or if it’s the means to having a smart home that will basically make you Iron Man.

With some of the best brains in the world falling into one of…

Dupont Underground: The abandoned subterranean streetcar station turned artspace

Sometimes I’m asked how I find the art exhibits that I go to, the lectures that I attend, and the news that I chat about , especially as a young person who made their way into both professional & “adult” DC without a degree — so I’ve put together a…


Design + Machine Learning + Philosophy + ☧. Investor @ Compound.

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